Saturday, 4 March 2017

My Top 10 Movies.

I’m weird – now since that is out of the way, lets move forward.
I have been a huge movie buff my whole life. As long as I can remember I have watched movies, but surprisingly I don’t like going to the theatres. Theatres and cinemas give me headaches, and don’t even get me started about 3D.
For me a perfect movie night is in my PJ’s with my favourite bag of chips, no fan, dim lights and clear voice quality. I am a very easy person if you need to make me happy, no stars and moons for me, just a bag of chips would do (insert some lulz)
Moving on, I have seen a lot and I mean a loot of movies but here I am just mentioning top 10 that are on my mind right now.
Okay here we go.

The Illusionist.    
Oh Edward Norton! Umm sorry back on track. An American romantic mystery film based on magic! I loved this film like big time. I am really not going to say much about this one – Go watch it for yourself if you haven’t already. All I can say is I still remember my heartbeat when I watched it long back – you figure out if Edward Norton was the reason or something else.

Julie and Julia
This film is like super close to me and has more or less helped me stand where I am today. Deals with two of my favourite topics.
-food and blogging!
Its about challenging yourself, setting goals for yourself, smashing the hell out of them and then clapping for your damn self. Deals with obstacles and hinderances, both Julie and Julia lived decades apart, early 2000’s and 1950’s. It has food, comedy, a bit of drama and Meryl Streep – whats not to like?

The Others
Nicole Kidman! Need I say more?
Genre: Supernatural mixed with psychological horror.
The End: I mean woahhhh!!

I watched it with my cousin and the way we stared at each other was phenomenal. Its not your average scary faced, ghost popping horror flick. Its pretty cool. I have heard of a Bollywood copy also and was put off for a while. It was nominated for BAFTA award for the best original screenplay and it was a horror movie. You should be looking for it already!

Children of heaven
Shot in Tehran and talks about a family from Iran. I have not seen a film that has been more realistically made. IMBD rating of 8.4, the best part was that it is not necessary you need to have a gazillion dollars, star studded cast and top of the line of the graphics to have a great movie, sometimes a very basic concept is enough to leave the impact that you desire.

The Prestige
Mystery! Thriller! Drama! – a full combo pack and Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. 2 rival magicians, a tough competition and tragic results. Similar to the likes of the Illusionist. A true fight between getting the title and most prestigious magician. Prestige – isn’t that what the world is all about. Classic combination of rivalry, jealousy, obsession and secrecy.

The Shrek
I love animated movies! Like all of them but Shrek was amongst the first that I watched (umm I didn’t really like fairytales – like I said, I am weird)and totally fell in love. A story about not judging a book by its cover, and how an ogre overcomes Prince Charming. The film grossed 484.4 million dollars. Beat that! The references to countless fairy tale characters is hilarious. 1 and 2 were good, 3 not so much.

Now you see me
Got 7.3 IMBD rating but I think it should have been more. It’s a heist thriller and features an ensemble cast. Watch it for yourself because I really don’t want to explain or break it down for you. All the clips, references and the way it is filmed worked for me – let me know if it did for you.

Bourne Series
All 5! 5 stars! I love spy thriller films. I think Matt Damon is oh so hot! Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy and Jason Bourne. All 5 received critical and commercial success and won multiple awards. A true action packed, jumping from the roof – guy kinda movie that I happen to love.

National Treasure
Talk about obsession – obsession that runs for generations. Search for a treasure that no one believes exists. Nicholas Cage gets his sanity questioned over it. Deals with ancient Egypt, Knights Templar, Freemason, Declaration of Independence. If all this sounds good – what is stopping you?

Inside Out
C.U.T.E very C.U.T.E, deals with animated emotions and their effect of interpersonal relationships. Avery different and one of its kind animated movie, though I personally think that the concept might be a bit too complex for young kids to grasp but who am I kidding , kids these days are smart (read: smart asses)

Got anything to add to the list; hit me up.
Till then relax, unwind and love yourself.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Valentine Shenanigans

Once again 14th February is here. The same confusion, chaos and identity crisis prevails. To celebrate it or not, to buy this or buy that. Ever exceeding expectations and ever ever exceeding disappointments. I believe there is a constant contemplation between buying her that Chanel perfume or selling your kidney. Lolz I am funny.

The only best thing about this Valentine was once again Subways buy 1 get 1 offer – ditto as last year. Oh! And also the fact that my Valentines day dessert turned out really good. Hah!

Last year I made something called the Cupid’s cloud, click here to check it out. It tasted heavenly and out of this world. Something like eating clouds, or maybe cotton candy – or mixture of the two.

On the downside, according to my dad – it wasn’t presentable enough (huhn?). So this year I improved it a bit, experimented and tweaked around a few loopholes and came up with this!

Looks pretty right? Go ahead..try it out and let me know.

Ingredients and method.   

  • Beat together 2 tbsp of sugar and a cup of cream, till well combined.
  • In another bowl add 200 grams of pureed strawberries and 2 tbsp of sugar, again beat well. Add a handful of mixed chopped nuts.
  • In a cup, take half cup of warm water and dissolve 3tsp of gelatin.
  • Now lightly beat all three together.
  • In a glass bowl, make and set strawberry jelly. Once set, pour the mixture prepared above onto the pre set jelly, and let that harden up.

Decorate however you want to. I used cut offs from chocolate cake and sprinkled a generous layer on top and added a strawberry on top with a few mint sprigs.

Tell me how it was.

Much love,